Diagnostic Imaging

Early diagnosis allows for more effective treatment and reduces the spread of tuberculosis. aDoctor24/7 TB diagnostic imaging tests provide a review of chest TB imaging patterns that can be discovered using conventional radiography and computed tomography (CT)


aDoctor24/7’s major goal is to speed up the diagnosis of this life-threatening disease. Furthermore, we consider the alternative technologies for TB diagnostic imaging such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), sputum culture, Chest X-ray and Bronchoscopy, which can be useful and extremely accurate in defining some of the symptoms of tuberculosis.


aDoctor24/7 diagnostic imaging tests includes following test to facilitates early diagnostic services to our TB patients.

Chest X-ray Test – Electromagnetic radiation creates an image of the organs in your chest, such as your heart and lungs, in a chest X-ray. Damage to the lungs can be detected via an X-ray, which could indicate tuberculosis.

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