Integrative Pain Management

We at Adoctor 247 designed the integrative pain management service for the people with long-lived pain.


Adoctor 247 team includes top Pain medicine consultants, expert physiotherapist, physiotherapy chronic pain experts that evaluate your complete medical health and helps to relieve your pain by offering you the best possible treatments.

Adoctor 247 Integrative Pain Management Services

Adoctor 247 aims to maximize the quality of life despite chronic pain by their outstanding integrative pain management health care services.

Adoctor 247 best possible treatments on Integrative Pain Management:

Chronic pain medications

Trigger point injections

Massage with physical therapy

Dietary nutrition and physiotherapy

Mindfulness training

Preoperative assessment

Adoctor 247 upgrades the way of living of their patients by providing finest integrative pain management services

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